DISCE is an independent Game Designer, Screenwriter and Project Director since 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in videogame development and experience in Project Management, Teaching at University since 2012 and performing lectures in a videogame development festival in Mexico City.


DISCE has competed in some Animation Festivals with pitch bibles & pilotsa


DISCE has written content for a Videogame Development Magazine in Guadalajara and the Game Survey of Reporte Motor de Juegos 2013 & 2014. Also Also he is a film reviewer in AndroidePop.


DISCE has collaborated in the development of some games, most for PC and mobile, focusing in single player experiences.

Writer and teacher

As a writer, he has a paper published book with short stories in collaboration with other writers called Letras Elementales (Elemental Letters).

Also, he has collaborated in writing articles for various magazines about videogames, writing drafts for advertisement industry, designing two apps for the private sector that include online connection and submissions to compete on animation contests with pitch bibles. And, in class, applies gamification in form of tests.

His skills are being autodidact, problem solver, leadership, openminded and team worker.


Multimedia Project 2009
2D Animation and Co-Direction
Silver Medal in Latin America for flash animated short film “Teddy Bear Family”

Teddy Bear Family


Game Designer, 3D Artist

Prototype video game multiplayer sidescrolling shooter on PC made in 48 hours that obtained “GGJ-2010 Achievements: Universal Language Game”..

Guns and Blondies, 1st Global Game Jam Mexico